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Due to the restrictions imposed due to the Covid19 Crisis the clubhouse and the bowling greens are closed until further notice.  


Dear members and friends, 
I hope you are all keeping safe and well. We are certainly living in strange and unprecedented times at the moment, the likes of which I hope we never see again.
I do feel for everyone involved with the club as a lot of hard work has gone into getting everything ready for the new season, a season that might not happen but I thank you all for all the effort put in to it. I miss the banter and chatter and the odd drink or two we have in the club house.
I want to thank you all for not being tempted to go down to the club for a practice but we need to stick to government guidelines.
We wait with anticipation as to when the government relax the rules on social distancing and the lockdown. I fear it may be sometime yet but hopefully we may get a couple of weeks to try and bowl a few woods.
I look forward to seeing you all soon, keep well and stay safe.    
Kindest regards     
Russell Pugh – President and Chairman  

We have also taken the decision to defer the date of our 2020 Grand Draw.  

The draw will now take place on 23rd October 2021. We will be actively selling tickets again when the social distancing rules allow us to. Thank you for your understanding.

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